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 The Credit Union difference.

Not for Profit, not for Charity, but for Service: A credit union is a financial cooperative that is formed and operated for the single purpose of members helping each other. A credit union is controlled through elected representatives who serve on its Board of Directors. Board members hire a management team to run the credit union's operations. The Board is responsible for establishing and revising policy, setting dividends and loan rates, and providing direction for the credit union. The result of this cooperative is the establishment of a safe, sound, and convenient institution for members to save and create a pool of lendable funds at reasonable rates for the mutual benefit of each other.

The "Share" Concept: Community First offers a "share" in the credit union in the form of a $20.00 pledge savings deposit. This "share" represents your ownership in the credit union and entitles you to all the services offered by the credit union and to vote for member representatives to the Board of Directors. Based on the credit union principle of equality, each member is entitled to "one vote" regardless of account balances (or number of shares).

Common Bond: A credit union is organized around the principle of a common bond which holds that a field of membership share a common bond of employment, association or community with each other. This common bond expresses the mutual interest of members, allowing them to conveniently form a financial cooperative built on the principles of trust, self-help and mutual aid.
Membership: Credit union membership is an experience of a lifetime. What makes it so unique? A credit union exists solely for the economic well-being of its members. You and your family can enjoy all the benefits of your credit union membership, voice your opinions and concerns directly to your board of directors, and exercise your voting privelege as owners during each annual shareholders meeting.

Community First Guam Federal Credit Union - 238 Archbishop Flores Street, Suite 102
Hagatna, Guam 96910 - Telephone: (671) 472-8210 Fax: (671) 477-5522
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